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American Giant Homers  /  Auto Sex Texan Pioneers

 I raised Racing Homers as a young man but was out of birds while I was in college and in my early years of establishing my business in the Wichita, Kansas area.  I got back into the pigeon hobby in 1989 with Racing Homers. We moved to the Chapman area in 2005 at the edge of the Flint Hills. Recently found a new home in the country that will allow us to expand the pigeon operation more in Junction City, Kansas.

In 1990 I located the reduced color Racing Homers and flew in the Wichita club for a number of years. The reduced factor is more for appearance and they have retained the homing ability when flown from a distance.  I have not raced for a number of years.  We love them for the unique look.  Limited offspring available. The strain is Janssen based.

In 1989 I saw Giant Homers in an APJ special.  I joined the American Giant Homer Association the following year, and went to my first futurity in 1991. Over the years I have had a good show record. We have taken a few photos of winners from a few years ago. I have been an officer of that club in some capacity for over 20 years. I am currently the immediate past president and the AGH is my main breed for show purposes.  I love the hard feather and the power the Giant Homer possesses.  Pairs will be available in the fall, prices starting at $175 a pair

In recent years we have added a good strain of Auto sex Texan Pioneers (faded) for squabbing purposes. Offspring will be available in the spring of 2020, prices starting at $175 a pair.